Sunday, October 05, 2008

Faux Metal - Heat Embossing

I will post over the next couple days all the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL techniques shared on World Card Making Day.

We not only want to teach you NEW Techniques. We ask you send a Card to a Troop Member. All directions on how are listed below.

If making a soldiers day isn't enough - we are also putting our own challenge on please see below for that also!
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Okay, w/o further ado - here are the directions :)

I must admit I’m not a savvy card maker and really struggle with manly cards! I have used this technique on a couple manly cards and scrapbook pages and always liked the look.

I used a green and brown color combo, which I excitedly noticed once completed had a Army feel to it!
Now unto the card shall we?
Items Needed:
Heat Gun
Versa Pad
Embossing Powder
Peice of cardstock larger then stamp imageStamp (Cannot be foam stamps)
On this card you are going to learn how to heat emboss a faux metal image!
This will allow you to use your stamps in a whole new way!!
Embossing Cardstock
First step is to goo up your paper with your Versa Mark.

Proceed, to sprinkle your embossing powder on the piece of paper and heat emboss.
I'm showing you a picture of what my cardstock looked like after I embossed it.

You are to proceed to layer your embossing 5 times!! Let it cool, recover with versa pad stickiness, pour your powder over, heat & Repeat 5 times.

Included is a image of what the same peice of cardstock looked like after 5 layers of embossing powder.

Ready for the magic part?!?

When you are done your 5th layer and your embossing powder is totally melted, quickly grab your stamp and stamp into the hot embossing powder.
Don’t worry this won’t hurt your stamps!!

You know what else is really cool….if you make a mistake you can reheat your embossed cardstock and restamp! Don’t worry about the edges. I trimmed mine down a bit but like the tarnished finished look of the metal.
On the finished card I used my Cuttlebug and chalk inked the CB peice.
Shake things up and use bronze or cooper embossing powders!
In case you are wondering the tinfoil was my embossing tray mine was at the store when I put this together I hope you have fun with this new technique and make sure to share you masterpeices with us!

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Jacqueline said...

Love this technique! It's so easy to do and it looks so cool! Thanks! I'm sure I will use this technique many times.