Monday, January 05, 2009

The End

The End


This is as hard to write as it is for you to read.  Sadly, the is the end for


We are sure that this is a shock to you, and we are sorry for the sudden change in plans.  While it was in everyone’s heart that this site could continue “as is” – many different obstacles showed themselves and the decision has been made to close the site down.


Thank you to everyone who sent in the donations to help with the site.  Amy will be contacting you individually to arrange to get your money back (and thanks Amy for taking on the collection role in the first place).


On behalf of the DT members past and present, we want to thank you, the members and core of this site, for all that you have done.  The community that was created in the short life of this site is truly amazing.  Coming together, supporting one another, the creative talent…..all amazing.  Thank you Nicole for starting this venture for us, we are all better scrappers and better women from it.


So – what next?


We are not sure of an exact date to when the site will close.  The blog will remain active at least till the end of January so that we can communicate to you.  There are lots of other places to play on the world wide web, and we encourage you to share the sites that you visit so that we can all gather together somewhere else.


Feel free to continue with the challenges and chatter till the site reads no longer active (although LO tag has been cancelled).  Share emails with one another and whatever information will be relevant to keep in touch.


Again, thank you all.  It’s been an amazing journey, and while we are all sad to see this site close, it’s a new year and a new beginning.


All our best

Compupro DT

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